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About Us

Working along with our customers and trades, we have built a reputation for constructing high quality homes throughout central Iowa.  By keeping up with the latest products and techniques we have continued to build  homes that we can be proud to call a Hanson Home.

Honesty and fairness are high priorities for us, we communicate what customers want, and strive for complete satisfaction.

For over 30 years, Hanson Homes has been building custom homes all over Central Iowa. With our hands on approach we increase our knowledge of homes and the building process. Earning us a reputation as a high-quality homebuilder.

In 2003, Mark, president of Hanson Homes, was voted the Ames Homebuilder of the Year by his peers. He has served as the Ames Home Builders Association president for two seperate terms and served on the board for close to 20 years.